Evochron Alliance

Evochron Alliance 2.0

Evochron Alliance is an ultimate 3D space combat, mercenary, and trading simulation with a first per
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StarWraith 3D Games LLC

Far from the densly populated worlds of the Alliance, a newly discovered sector called Evochron is in the early stages of colonization. Abundant opportunities await for any mercenaries willing to travel there, but competition is fierce and your survival depends on your ability to trade, fight, mine, transport, explore, and manage resources. It's a tough way
to make a living, attacks and theft are common. But you can improve your chances through careful travel, buying the right equipment, building wealth, conserving fuel, picking the right ship, upgrading weapons, and even bribing when the situation calls for it.

Evochron puts you in the action with a first person perspective and real-time gameplay events. Buy and sell right from the cockpit and manipulate the dynamic economy to your advantage. Explore massive systems featuring realistic environment transitions that include nebula
clouds, asteroid fields, planets, asteroid caves, gravity fields, and more. Travel to uncharted space for hidden benefits, but remain aware of possible threats such as a black hole or massive star. Manage all rapid travel with the built-in open space navigation and jump drive system. Build your reputation and learn to master the freeform gameplay that puts you in control of your destiny. Design and construct your ship using the new shipyard. Customize it for the role you want to play using a variety of upgrades, weapons, and equipment.
You can even convert this demo into the full game without having to download anything else!
This demo offers 2 complete systems to explore, interactive training, and 10,000 credits to get started.

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